Emergency Calls: 079 871-5962
Emergency Email: emergency@Handyman-SA.com
Need help around the house or your premises.
A day job from monday to friday leaves you with not much time fixing up your home or premises, and the last thought is to sacrifice your weekend to get around to perform these odd jobs, where you would rather want to spend your time with family and friends.
A single call to Handyman-SA will bring a professional solution to your door step, to take care of your maintenance and repair problems.
Handyman-SA takes pride in the workmanship delivered and will treat your premises with respect. In addition, our transparent pricing system guarantees that there are no hidden costs.
A Trusted Services & Performance
Time frames and access
Should you not be available to give Handyman-SA access to your premises, we will make arrangements to collect your premises access keys to perform our services and returning the key to you securely.
Now finally you can relax at home knowing that all you odd jobs in and around your premises has been taken care of, while you were attending your business day at work.
Our transparent pricing commitment
We publish our rates on our web site and we do our best to ensure that you know the price of the job before work starts.
We will deliver quality workmanship
All of our work and repairs are guaranteed by our quality assurance warranty.
Safety Regulations First
Handyman-SA Professional Maintenance Service comply to the occupational health and safety act. 1983.
Occupational health and safety is a major issue in the construction industry. The variety of activities found on site combine to make the industry one of the most hazardous to work in.
Hazards such as falls from height, being hit by moving vehicles, chemicals and dusts from wood, brick, cement, concrete and site noise lead industry statistics to claim that construction workers are much more likely to suffer from ill health and injuries than the average worker.
All employers have a duty to protect their employees whilst at work and keep them informed about health and safe. With over 200 deaths and approximately 30,000 serious injuries caused in the workplace every year, it is important that employers are aware of what their responsibilities regarding the health and safety of their workforce are.
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