Emergency Calls:  079 871-5962
Emergency Email: emergency@handyman-sa.com
Job Opportunities
Handyman-SA is expanding and is considering handing out job opportunities to Handyman country wide.
Should you be intressted in becoming a Handyman-SA Job Operator you can contact us by completing the online form or call us direct on 079 871-5962
Handyman-SA will send you the requirements form along with a applicaiton form and the Handyman-SA terms and conditions documents.
Advertising Benefits
Handyman-SA offers great returns on advertising media within South Africa
We are top listed with Google and are ranked as the No. #1 Handyman Service Provider in South Africa
We will help you advertise our Brand in your area, should you prefer to grow a local client base.
Handyman-SA Payment Structure
Handyman-SA Jobs 1 to 10 Structure
We will pay you R50.00 per Hour that is billable to a client
Handyman-SA Jobs 11 to 20 Structure
We will pay you R100.00 per Hour that is billable to a client
Handyman-SA Jobs 21 to More
We will pay you R150.00 per Hour that is billable to a client


A Booming Industry with Growth Potential

Not every homeowner is a professional handyman with time to spare. These time-conscious baby boomers and two-income families want a "one-stop" solution for every major and minor home repair. Their professional choice is the same as yours— Handyman-SA, South Africa's trusted home repair Professionals.

We fill a unique need by helping prioritise and efficiently manage repairs that increase home values. Your home improvement skills helps the millions of homeowners who have billions of rands of home repairs on one long "To Do" list. And you could manage one of our many successful home improvement oppertunities that check items off the list, giving customers peace of mind.

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